Malinda Cole-Crocker, Assessor

The Buchanan Charter Township Assessor is responsible for the Township’s property appraisal program.   The Assessor identifies, inventories, and determines market values and calculates assessed and taxable values for all properties in the Township every year.   The methods and procedures used to ensure fair and equitable assessments are set forth by the State Tax Commission.  The Assessor also maintains accurate principal residency and property transfer information in compliance with applicable State laws.

Change of Assessment Notices are mailed to each taxpayer every February.   

Land Division and Combination applications are available.  Please call 269-695-6442 for more information.


Policy and Procedure for Assessor Inquiries and Meetings 
Inspection of Records
Resolution to Adopt Poverty Exemption Income Guidelines and Asset Test
Principal Residence Exemption Affidavit and Instructions
Request to Rescind Principal Residence Affidavit and Instructions
Disabled Veteran’s Exemption Affidavit and Instructions
Claim for Farmland (Qualified Ag)
Poverty Exemption Fact Sheet
Beacon Schneider Corp GIS 
Berrien County Equalization  
Berrien County Register of Deeds  
STC Estimated Tax Bill  
General Property Tax Act 
Assessing/Property Cards